Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: No, you did :-)

olyflyer wrote:

In which way Canon raw "offers more options" than Nikon NEF?

They offer SRAW, which is very popular with wedding shooters because it's pretty small.

"Pretty small" compared to what? Compressed vs. uncompressed Canon RAW?


I thought you were against compression. If compressed files is what you want then you can use the "Compressed NEF" option, which would give you another 4 images extra in the buffer.

Why would I be against compressrion?

If reduced quality is OK, 12-bit compressed NEF will give you a buffer size of 25 images. Is that still not enough? How large is the 5D3 buffer and what is the adavantages of SRAW?

Sraw has a number of advantages.  It is much smaller, so it is less taxing on the buffer, takes less line to download and takes up less disk space.

Of course the 5D3 files are smaller. Less MP = smaller files. How easily the camera can cope with the file size depends on much more than the file size, processor, transfer speed, memory speed and so on are all related to that, not just the file size.

I agree, but it's one important factor.  I read somewhere that the Digic 5 is faster than the Expseed 3,  that is the other factor.

If fps and buffer size is that important I would not chose the D800 or the 5D3. I really don't believe 1 extra frame is a deal breaker for anyone.

It's not one extra.  It's 2 fps and the buffer continues to allow shooting, albeit at about 1fps.

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