Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: I think...

olyflyer wrote:

...you mixed up our posts. The above is what ultimitsu wrote and the underlined is what I wrote.

My apologies.

No they don't.  In fact, it's doubtful that any lens outresolved the D800, so neither do yours.  I have most of  the pro glass between 14 and 200 mm.

Well, I think my lenses outresolve the D800.

You're entitled to your opinion, not your facts.  Unless you have a lens no one knows about, none do.

It is an Internet hoax that you need new lenses with the D800.

It depends.  Some of the new Zeiss lenses clearly exploit the full potential of the D800. Some Nikkor lenses most certainly need to be improved to match the D800 - most actually

Never the less, it is still an Internet hoax that you must buy new lenses if you buy the D800.

Not a hoax so much as a false assumption b the like of Tom Hogan, who made that prediction before the D800 came out.

It is certainly so that the same lens you have used before on any other FX performs better on the D800 than it performed on the "other" FX.

Yes, most lenses outresolved 12 mpx, though most are struggling with 36mpx.  Even the spectacular 14-24, the best wide angle zoom anywhere,  has soft corners.

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