What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: It is typical corpseak...but

Raist3d wrote:

erichK wrote:

For me, the appearance of the E-5, after all our doubts and hand-wringing, was a pleasant surprise. Experiencing all the small but very useful improvements that it incorporated was even more pleasant (as tends to be reflected in its retention of value.)

So, I remain optimistic.

There are really separate points in the whole theme:

- That Olympus will release a camera that will use FT lenses well - yes I think this is happening

- That the FT system is not dead- that's where I disagree. I think a new camera that uses the FT lenses well will be a backward compatibility/support issue. The FT lens system will not be further developed and manufacturing of those lenses will star to cease (if not already).

sure,the first thing you would if you are going to continue to make SLRs (which is what the document says) is stop making lenses for it

That's not to say that it isn't great that Olympus is taking care of the FT legacy owners, I think that's great.

yes Im sure you do

- The appearance of the E-5 to me was proof positive the system had gone off rails. The E-5 came at a very high asking price in a competitor's market that had moved on with lacking performance - yes the sensor.  Lack of DR, lack of good high ISO performance and worst: terrible banding.

Back then many called me crazy for pointing this obvious truth out but now that the EM-5 sensor has proven to be "such a revelation..."

crazy you say?

that reminds me of something, didnt you say a lot of things about the EM5 sensor too?
you assured this forum over a period no less than months that you were right and the EM5 sensor put out no better performance than GX1,

you said something exactly like "anyone who looks at the chart and sees the EM-5 does over 12 stops of DR from raw at ISO 1600 and believes it, needs to have their head examined"

just think of the money wasted if we listened then

there just isnt any need to try quite so hard here Ricardo
its either just assumption or idle chit chat after all...

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