What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: I want to believe them.

rovingtim wrote:

Stores are no longer stocking Olympus DSLR's or DSLR lenses

This is what I have seen. AFAIK no camera store in the Atlanta area has any 4/3 products in stock. I wouldn't call Atlanta a small market for photography gear, Sure the big NY mail order places still have them, for that matter B&H still has twin lens medium format Rolleiflex's in stock (1930's design film camera) so pointing out a store or two that still stocks 4/3 isn't a sign of anything.

Olympus has let the 4/3 system disappear from the marketplace. I'd be shocked if their current dSLR sales exceeded o.1% of the market share. To bring it back at this point would be resurrecting the lens mount from the dead. At best we can hope for a camera with "legacy" support of older 4/3 mount lenses. I honestly can't see them making a camera with a "4/3 only" mount like an E7 would be.

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