What Olympus actually promised:

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Can you finally come clean

... and instead of accusations scattered all over the place and endless stream of negativity, tell the forum what it is you suspect Olympus is going to do to confirm your suspicions and disbelief?

1. Not release any E-5 successor at all?

Yeah, it would be horrendous and deeply disappointing. Do you really believe this is what may actually happen?

2. Release E-5 successor in other form than DSLR?

As was said many times, who cares, as long as it introduces new sensor, new IBIS, great tech goodies available with new technologies, handles 4/3 lenses as well or better than E-5? If anything, it would be quite exciting development. And if it's a hybrid marrying both lineups, what could possibly be wrong with that?

3. Release something that you personally won't like?

Considering that what you wanted was a n E-400-sized pro body, it's quite possible. The only thing it would have indicated would be that your dream is unrealistic, or considered a marginal one. Absence of such camera in any other system is a clear indication of that.

Something else?

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