Just returned my 80-400mm VR AF-S lens

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Re: Really?

paulski66 wrote:

So your argument is that the retailer just eats the cost of the lens?

It's not that clear cut. Offering a money back warranty lowers the energy barrier a prospective buyer faces when purchasing an item. More so for an expensive lens. There are 2 possible scenarios here:

  • Either the added sales volume makes up for more than the losses on returned items, and the seller comes ahead
  • Or the other way around

Only a retailer could tell us how it's working for them. But the fact is that some internet shops have been doing it for years. They would have changed their policies a long time if this was costing them a significant amount of money. Most likely they come ahead. Another observation consistent with the fact that the policy helps them more than it cost them: the shops which offer the money back warranty are among those with the most competitive prices. They would not be able to compete on prices if they had to pass the cost of the policy to their customers. So you're right: they eat the cost but still wins from the sales volume.

In any case, B&H offer a 30 day money back warranty without restrictions as long as the item is returned in good shape. The buyer is doing nothing wrong by taking advantage of this policy, as generous as it may seem.

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