What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: I want to believe them.

rovingtim wrote:

The problem is their actions are not in line with their words.

They used to have several lines of DSLR's. Now they only have one. In that one remaining line they have only one camera. That one camera is based on a 2007 design.

There have been no new lenses for how long? No new accessories. Stores are no longer stocking Olympus DSLR's or DSLR lenses or DSLR accessories indicating that Olympus is no longer supporting DSLR distribution in the way they used to.

I interpret this as a "drastic reduction or withdrawal from DSLR cameras."

What am I missing?

You are missing the fact that stores are carrying an -often small but - significant stock of high-value Olympus cameras and lenses.  That means that the channels and infrastructure are still there - or have in many cases been re-established - to distribute any new FT product.

IMHO it is a mistake to see Olympus mFT as in competition, even opposition to FT development, and important to remember that they use essentially the same sensor and that mFT can very effectively use the same glass.  To me, the often complained about "failure" of Olympus to make more mFT longer lenses and zooms makes perfect sense, because there are already excellent FT models, and because there would be little size and weight advantage to redesigning these as mFT lenses.

I do appreciate W's apparent candor in the great pains that he took - even to the extent of likely royally p'ong off marketing by underlining AF, CAF and durability issues - in stating that the OM-D was not the "pro" slr they are working on, and affirming that this had to work better with their lense line.

If he could not be sure whether the new model would be a conventional OVF slr then this, too tends to indicate that they were being as careful as possible to not raise false hopes. But the promise of the best possible new body to finally provide well working AF/CAF and a professional level VF  with their already considerable system of FT lenses remains there.

I've found that many of my FT's lenses work pretty well on my OM-D (even if, in such cases as the 7-14  and 150f2 they look pretty funny!), and actually often use it alongside my E-5, so I think that I can hold on for another few months.

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