New to Sony (RX1), protection plans any good?

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Re: New to Sony (RX1), protection plans any good?

Insurance, in general, is designed for those that could not take a 1 time financial hit to repair/replace a broken unit.

Ultimately, if you buy insurance on everything, you spend much more than whatever the total repair/replacement cost of everything is is over time.  As evidence, most insurance companies are quite rich.  Obviously, with items that can come with lawsuits like cars and houses, there is a whole different business model and group of considerations for a consumer.

I think Elliott makes a good (unproven to the insurance companies) point that the size and construction of the RX1 may make it an enhanced risk.

Since I bought my RX1 I had one episode that made me wish I had insurance.  I was at a group dinner and a guest in attendance offered to take our picture... with reservation, I obliged handing over my RX1.  Next the waitress comes up and tells the guest to join the picture and gets handed the camera, then somehow my camera got handed to the chef.  Of course none used the wrist strap.  By the time I got it back there was flour over the buttons.   Unfortunately, I forgot to switch from center point to zone focus so the AF went to the back wall of the restaurant so no usable photos were generated anyway.

Fortunately, my camera is none the worse for wear.

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