REALLY confused about the "standard" hotshoe- NEX6

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Re: REALLY confused about the "standard" hotshoe- NEX6

The Nex 6 standard flash is good news to me.  I've been using the Cactus V5's and Yongnuo 460II and 560 for a coupla years now.  The Cactus V5's are a pretty good radio remote, either can be a transmitter or receiver depending on how you switch them.  (i think they were about $50 for a pair or something like that)  Also, they take standard AAA batteries so are inexpensive to power up.  They also have great range.  The only problem i've had is using them with AAA lithium rechargeable's, they don't seem to last long- i'm sort of thinking thats due to the lower voltage of lithiums.  I get longer use out of alkaline batteries for these radio transmitters.

I love these Yongnuo flashes,  intuitive to operate and they have 3 modes - manual (for the radio triggers), S1 for triggering with one flash, S2 for triggering with double flashes like TTL types.  They all have rotating heads that flip up as well.  The 460's don't have adjustable zoom and are slightly smaller.  The 560's have adjustable zoom.  Both have about the same power level's as standard line flashes from any manufacturer.  But cheap.  the 460's were about $50 ea. when i bought them, the 560 about $25 more.  don't know what they are today.  my kind of prices

I do headshots for a live play theater organization, which are used in their programs.  Also recently, i was asked to do detailed shots of the stage details for Heartbreak House set (by Shaw).  One just sets their camera on manual, and i used the yongnuo 560 and 2 Cactus to trigger a small soft box to supplement the house lights.  Worked out great - it took about 2 hours to do the entire set and i had one helper to position the 20" softbox on a stand to where i needed it.  I showed this assistant how to bump up the power levels manually and after awhile i could estimate pretty easily how much power was needed - in all their was not a lot of adjustment needed once we got going.  I don't have a Nex6 but am looking at it for sure, so i used my Pentax K5 in manual mode.  The Cactus V5 has no weight to it so would work fine on the top of the Nex 6.

The headshots are even easier.  Once you get adapted to using manual controls, it works well.  These small soft boxes are not expensive.

Hope this helps.

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