Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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Re: LOL, we are finally back on track with "Olympus will die" predictions

acahaya wrote:

I was actually starting to miss them

The author failed to notice that Olympus does not only dabble in the digital camera market, so basically what he predicts is that the US won't get new endoscopy equipment starting 2014. He probably thinks that  5DMKIIIs and D800s will do the job as well ....

We should not regard every article, dealing with Olympus' financial problems in such a category.

The article has some painful truth. It is wishfull thinking that Olympus can afford shrinking market share and camera sales for a longer while. Sooner or later the camera division needs to return to profit (if it ever had), otherwise there will be some consequences, which probably also will affect us. We are a bit overwelmed by the relative success of the E-M5, but one good seller alone cannot rescue the camera division.

DSLR sales increased a little in 2012, while mirrorless has reached a peak for the moment. It is hard to envision that this situation will change drastically. It tells that the desire for smaller cameras isn't as great as we believe, in some markets.

The good success of the E-M5 is probably also due to the fact that Olympus missed to provide alternatives for the PEN concept for about three years. Thus, many Olympus fans jumped on the E-M5, increasing sales over the original expectations. It is therefore hard to think, that cameras like the E-P5 and the E-M5 successor will have a similar sales success, which could make Olympus' situation worse.

We certainly don't want Olympus to die, but sometimes a realistic view on the situation is in order. The believe that small mirrorless camera systems is THE future has not manifested itself and there is no sign that it will do so in the midterm future. So, the outlook of Olympus' camera division is not bright.

The only thing WE can do, is buying Olympus products at prices that are reasonable to us and the company. Upgrade the camera bodies even if  the new feature list is not that convincing to us. Try to convince friends and fellows buying Olympus (I had one success!).

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