DP3M vs NEX 7

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Re: DP3M vs NEX 7

So why oh why didn't Sigma make the DP an interchangeable lens camera ?

That way people could have bought one body and added their lens of choice, or used any of the old MF lenses out there. I'd love to have that sensor behind some of the lenses I have and I think it would have brought more people to the brand. There aren't many who want to be stuck with a fixed focal length and I think it limits the appeal of the DPs.

The obvious answer to me is that the SD1Merrill is the interchangeable lens camera with that Merrill sensor.
You want to use a variety of lenses, use the SD1Merrill. And by using a variety of lenses, I think you lose the advantage of the DP camera, which is a lens perfectly designed for and matched to the sensor. What we've seen with the SD1(M) and a "lens of choice" is that it's difficult to match up a lens good enough for the sensor! I think various people have fitted different mounts and different brand lenses on a SD1Merrill body, but I wonder if their results are as consistently good as the DPxMerrill.

In sum what I'm saying is that "lenses of choice" wouldn't give you the quality of output of the fixed lens DPxMerrill.

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