Creativity/Usability & Portability - What's right?

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Creativity/Usability & Portability - What's right?

In a world of compromises I find photography the most difficult.

Having been using the Canon 6D & 24-70 F4 for the past 3 months you cant fault the IQ and creativity, but boy is it a lump to carry. So I tried a friends Fuji EX1 and I was very impressed, so much so I put my 6D on ebay and went in search of lens options for the EX1.

This is where the compromise starts.......................

The Fuji system is probably the best compromise of any camera system when it comes to IQ and portability, but even with this system you need to make some difficult choices when it comes to IQ and portability.

For example the 18-55 is a nice lens but from what I have read its still not quit to the quality of the primes, but if you want to leave home with as lightweight a system as possible this could be an option, but there is a small price to pay by way of IQ.

Then there are primes but you would need to carry 3/4 to cover a good range.

I am going on a 14 day cruise of the Baltic and Russia and will most likely buy the 14mm as this will cover most landscape and city stuff, but if you want to take shots of the family/wife I guess I will beed the 35mm f1.4? so that would mean changing and carrying another lens just for the odd people shot, or I could just leave the 14mm glued to the camera and take a compact in my pocket for the "people" shots? This is probably my preferred choice as I still get the best IQ for 90% of my photography by using the XE1/14mm but still have the compact (RX100)? for people shots

I want to obtain the best possible IQ in the lightest most compact system, but I have a real problem the word COMPROMISE I know a good walkabout lens would be the 18-55 BUT it wont deliver the best IQ and that would always be on my mind.

Creativity and portability are tuff choices?


Canon EOS 6D Fujifilm X-E1 Samsung TL500 (EX1)
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