Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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Re: A few thoughts

humbly may I remark ... Sony do not invest in Olympus the brand nor just the imaging division, Sony the corp invest in Olympus the corp , initially aiming to facilitate the optical expertise of Olympus for its own imaging division, but can elaborate from there. So if Olympus the brand as an consumer imaging mfr goes, fails, it won't do Sony a single bit harm ... after all the imaging division among all within Olympus is the bad blood , a fact we all had to recognize.

To be honest, I am skeptical about the E-M6 being superlative and tough build, that is after the E-M5 which pales against the like of E-5 , but I am cautious optimistic about Olympus the brand. at least for the short term ... Japanese Corporate Culture at play basically.

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