Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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yahoo should replace "olympus" by "yahoo" in the article "Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2014".

Mr.NoFlash (I) wrote 1 day ago somewhere else:

Leica (!) makes a profit. but yahoo writes "Except for market leaders like Canon, Sony and Nikon, no one wants to be in the digital camera business anymore". Also Fuji is no market leader but will not close the camera division. For some companies photography is like formula one racing - no profit but better than advertising. Perhaps yahoo should replace "olympus" by "yahoo" in the article "Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2014".

I also wrote about the general Oly situation:

I do not say that all is good, but:

Mr.NoFlash wrote 2 weeks ago:

I just looked at the stock market. Nikon and Olympus ( both in Yen ) compared for 3months 6months 1year 3year 5 years. In EACH of the mentioned times the Olympus shares perform better than Nikon shares or equal  despite we had the Olympus scandal !

And:  The Yen becomes significantly more pleasant for japanese manufacturers, the negative publicity of the Olympus scandal becomes less, m43 is the market leader of mirrorless and stays it, ...

I would say its no wonder that Oly imaging posted a big loss after the negative publicity with the scandal, but that effect becomes less.

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

In addition to tthat the decision for this year is made: Oly will axe the V-series, thats it. Perhaps next year the tough-series. If that does not help the superzoom series in 2 years.

The Oly managers have many series they can axe for many years, before m43 gets in trouble. But in general m43 is much more succesful then 4/3, all what went wrong with 4/3 ( the missing Pro's, the nonfullfild smallness promise, the inactive second brands for the system ) seem to be ok for m43.

so there really might be at least a zero at the end and then there will be no need to furtermore cut back the image division.

In addition to that, yahoo wrote, sony would be one of the 3 successful. The truth is, sony has big financial problems. And IF the market for all cameras breaks away, the company which will be bankrupt will then be nikon, not Oly. Oly could simply make a pause in that case.

Despite that I now also enjoy photograpy a second non-canikon brand - then these discusions are much less stressful

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