Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: No, you did :-)

olyflyer wrote:

...the type of card and buffer size are not related. The buffer size is fixed. Card type matters only for how fast the buffer is transferred to the card, not changing the actual buffer size.

Well, I have never been able to reel off 17 images before the camera has prevented me continuing to capture.

So what is it with lossless compression? It is called lossless because not a single bit of information is lost. Anyway, the buffer size is 16 raw for uncompressed images if you absolutely must shoot uncompressed, but that is pointless in my opinion because it adds nothing else than increased file size.

Again, I have had no luck squeezing out 16 or 17 raws.

In which way Canon raw "offers more options" than Nikon NEF?

They offer SRAW, which is very popular with wedding shooters because it's pretty small.

Of course the 5D3 files are smaller. Less MP = smaller files. How easily the camera can cope with the file size depends on much more than the file size, processor, transfer speed, memory speed and so on are all related to that, not just the file size.

I agree, but it's one important factor.  I read somewhere that the Digic 5 is faster than the Expseed 3,  that is the other factor.

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