Is it worth buying a D700 at this point?

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Re: Is it worth buying a D700 at this point?

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I guess you can stick chewing gum in the viewfinder when you want to shoot long exposures. It just isn't an in-depth serious photographer's tool.

So by your logic every Canon APS-C DSLR and the 6D, and 5D series (not sure about the 1D) would also fall into the same category of not being "an in-depth serious photographer's tool" since they don't have an eyepiece shutter either?

I'll be sure to let the Canon shooters know about this serious deficiency in their gear.

Try staying on subject.

Are you arguing the D600 has a better feature set than the D700? Go on please.

The viewfinder cover seems to be an important feature as you mention it in your first two paragraphs. I am pointing out that many (most) cameras do not have them.

The sensor in the D600 is better in any measurable aspect than the D700 and is certainly an important feature. Till last year this quality of imaging was unavailable under $8000.

The improved auto ISO feature with modifiable focal length dependent minimum shutter speeds, intervalometer, time lapse movie, higher fps without grip, two UHS-1 compliant SD card slots vs a single CF slot, quieter shutter.


More focus points, more cross type focus points, less shutter lag, more robust, bigger viewfinder, faster flash sync, faster max shutter speed, more flexible a camera as a whole. Given a tricky situation, I'd pick the D700 over the D600 to nail the shot.

At the end of the day, you pick a camera to suit your needs.

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