What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: What Olympus actually promised:

erichK wrote:

Exactly 3 months and 13 days ago.  Some may want to call them liars, others may prefer the opinions of local reps or people they know "at Olympus".

It is also notable that Watanabe and other official top people actually took considerable pains to assure the press and public - and likely most of all their customers - not only that the OM-D was not the professional camera that they not only knew was needed, but that they recognized that it, and Olympus bodies to date needed major improvements in AF and especially CAF.  And that the new "professional" camera that they were developing would have to have these.

Also, in these statements any commitment to this new camera either having a conventional OVF or and EVF or even some hybrid was very carefully, even pointedly, avoided.

In this era of corporate doublespeak, I still consider these statements a remarkable attempt to be as candid as possible.

They promised us to do their best to provide a new, top level camera, with significantly improved AF and CAF and an excellent viewfinder.  The sensor and image processing engine go without saying.

The conventional DSLR E3/5 body may or may not have been abandoned in the process (I like many others, hope that they went back to the E-1!), but I do think that something is in the works.

And I'm veeeeeery tired of the title of the other thread!

it can be interpreted a number of ways, basically DSLR's will be available in the future from Olympus.........anyone have an idea what it will be?

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