Which would you prefer to see in the next FZ?

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Re: APS C Size Sensor

tbaker wrote:

That would make it too big and slow if they did. Hell, even if they went with m4/3 it would be no dice for me. The key advantage is the fact I get an excellent lens(one the best on the market) with a sensor that allows to get clean-ish shots at even ISO 1800, something my GF2 with a larger sensor could not compete with. Just look the Fujitsu superzooms and how big the model with the 1/2" sensor is and the even bigger XS1 with a 2/3" sensor. At that size and weight you may as well go compact DSLC and a two lens combo, which will give you better quality than the XS1, but be hard pressed to compete with the FZ200 excellent lens, which is a constant F2.8!

Yep, you end up with a body the size of an APS-C DSLR with a fixed lens that is not really anything spectacular, at least if you're going to go out and buy an APS-C DSLR it's not. I also had a traditional bridge camera back in the days before super zoom, the Powershot G2, I'd never go back to something even remotely that bulky without zoom.

The FZ200 is a great compromise and its what started it with the FZ10. I was very jealous back in 2005 when I was out backpacking in Europe and one of the guys I was with pulled out an FZ10 with 3x as much optical zoom as I had and Panasonic redefined the bridge camera because of it.

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