Longer Tele capability and FX V DX

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Re: Longer Tele capability and FX V DX

I think you should look into the 50-500mm OS, it is sharper than the 120-400mm and it works great with either fx or DX (I can probably say up to 450mm is quite great, and at 500mm at f/8 is excellent). I know its more expensive than the Tamron you ask, but  you really miss stabilization. The macro ability with the sigma is scary.

I usually crop quite a bit, so the above shots are probably cropped.

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Graham Sp wrote:

Up to last year my best setup was D7000 with Sigma 120-400 but studying closely now I think the lens is only good to 300 or may be 330mm. I have Kenko DG Pro 300 X1.4 Tele converter but I have not found that of much use on DX.

Now I have a D600 also, I intend to do 1.25 crops on the computer to get 16MP if using it for telephoto, but what lens upgrade to use on the tripod for mainly landscapes?  Will an FX camera handle a X1.4 or X1.7 converter better than a DX would?  I have the Tamron 700-300 already for hand held use that seems OK to 240mm to me on either camera.

My current thoughts are

1/  Discontinued Sigma 100-300 F4 and Sigma X 1.4 that gives me a better 100mm F4 and a better 300mm as well.

2/  Tamron 200-500

3/  Nikon 300mm F4 and Nikon X 1.7 although most expensive and less convenient adding and taking the converter.

What are anyone’s comment or experance on lens choice and will upgrading my DX body in the future also improve my tele capability or not (in strong daylight).  Many thanks


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