WTH? Ricoh GR vs NEX 6 with Sigma 19 vs D800E (link to another thread)

Started May 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Fair Test on page 6, Ricoh GR vs Sigma DP1 Merril (Sigma 19/2.8)

A better comparison is Ricoh GR vs Sigma DP1 Merril with a fixed (Sigma 19/2.8).  Both camera are FIXED prime without Low Pass Filter.  In fact, you can view the result for yourself on Page 6 of Ricoh GR review at iso100:


Richoh GR is on the top left corner; Sigma DP1 (Sigma 19) is on the bottom left corners

What I see are:

  • [queens face] hands down Sigma DP is sharper
  • [queen of hearts] Sigma DP wins again
  • [vw bugs] Sigma DP wins by a smaller margin
  • [martini bottle logo] Sigma DP wins by a large margin
  • [watch face] draw

If the price of both Richo GR and Sigma DP merril isn't so expensive $799, they make a great buy


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