Just returned my 80-400mm VR AF-S lens

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Re: The right/proper way

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

rjjr wrote:

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

Stores offer a money back warranty to attract consumers who are unusre about a purchase.

No. The purpose of money back warranty is not unsure purchases. But it is primarily to provide extras protection to the consumers for "buyer's satisfaction". Those who are buying the product and then returning it as the buyer's remorse kicks in is simply inappropriate and beats the original purpose of extra liberal return policy.

The customer was dissatisfied with the level of performance.  That is a perfectly legitimate reason for a return.

That is not correct. The OP himself said that the lens did perform better than his existing lens/TC combo. But he returned it because the price was too high. And he would've kept it if it was priced at $2K. Did he not know the price before buying?

Wrong, that is correct.  The OP was not satisfied with the improvement in performance over his current lenses.  The price/improvement ratio was dissatisfactory.  Still a perfectly good reason to return  it.

They know exactly what they get into when they create these policies and they would change them if they were not coming ahead at the end of the day. Nothing wrong with that, they're working to make a profit. But to say that a person "cheats" if he takes advantage of terms is an exageratoin.

I should have called "abuser" as opposed to "cheaters". But is still does not change point. These guys/gals are using the return policy in a wrong way that is leading to those extra cost being passed to other regular consumers who doing it the right way.

Namecalling does nothing to validate your position.

There is no such thing as a "right" way.  If someone purchases something and they don't like it for whatever reason, there's absolutely nothing wrong with returning it in keeping with the return policy of the seller.

What many people do to determine whether or not a lens is right for them before buying is either read reviews from trusted experts or better yet, rent the lens out to give it a try themselves. What the OP did is a good example of impulse buy and reaction to buyer's remorse.

What "many people" do means nothing.  There's absolutely no requirement for anyone to do that.

Besides, retailers also count on impulse buying for sales (the entire purpose of some types of marketing and salesman patter is based on it) so buyers remorse is simply the other side of that coin and is still a perfectly good reason to return an item.

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