The one bit of gear you NEED to buy for better photos ?

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The one bit of gear you NEED to buy for better photos ?

I was recently asked to speak at Cambrain Cameras in North Wales (UK).  After some careful consideration I decided to speak on the topic of the "best camera ever".

Trying to keep things more discussion based than a normal seminar we covered many of the normal questions and had a good look at the idea of "the best camera is the one in your bag".  Although, I do agree that this could be true, I have come to the idea that it is quite a limited statement.  We came the the idea that no matter what your camera. The confidence you bring is always going to be far more important.

This outgoing confidence and drive will ensure you have the right camera with you and keep you engaged at all times. Having the little Fuji has encouraged me to get up and shoot, and see things in new ways.  No matter what you shot with, be it Fuji or Canon, Sigma or Pentax, iPhone or Film. Unless you are open to the world around you are already fighting a loosing battle. This concept of this is better than this is nonsense.. it is understanding what have to work with and how we can use that to tell the story we wish to tell.

We looked at the idea of where to put your money. Will having the lastest and greatest really help you ?  Is it the best use of your money ? What do you really need for a shoot ?

This debate can last a long time, but.. in my view... if you own one camera, and one lense,, there is not anything else that can be bought to make you a better photographer than just to engage your brain and start looking at the world around you.

Be open to the world around you, stop chasing gear and start shooting.

But, have I got it wrong.. is there that ONE thing you NEED to have ??

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