My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

RudivanS wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

RudivanS wrote:

Yes, all very good, however, I would prefer a professional photographer using Canon 1Dx or Nikon D4,

for this once in a lifetime event (?).

Yeah, right, with 70% divorce rate...

That's why the (?)

And the photographer is obviously professional. The sports cameras would not help a bit.

Not help a bit? It is about speed,

How 12 fps would help you vs 9 fps at the wedding? AF-S is just as fast with E-M5.


Mirror means backfocus/frontfocus issues with some lenses, mirrorless/CDAF means that if you are focusing on a right thing, you'll be focusing on that right thing.

and dependability.

You have to have 2 cameras on a shoot like that anyway. With 2 1Dx and FF lenses, you cannot depend on your back.

Not size, weight and cost effectiveness.

You can believe what you want

Any business is about cost effectiveness too. Hobby is much more relaxed in this regard.

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