Did Nikon screw up?

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Don't confuse resolution and mega pixels...

ultimitsu wrote:

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ultimitsu wrote:

Actually, Canon does not have uncompressed RAW. all canon RAW are compressed by default.

Sorry, but if CR2 is not uncompressed RAW then the uncompressed would be extremely bloated.

They are not. D600 ISO100 RAW is about 30mb, while 5D3's is about 28mb.

As it is, the CR2 files I am getting are 34-36 mb, so they don't look compressed to me.

check DPR's studio test scene. at iso 6400, D600 34mb, 5d3 33mb, D800 51mb.

Lossless compressed D800 RAWs come it at around 45-50 mb.

That is in proportion to MP count.

in fact 20mp is all that you will extract from D800 with less than perfect lens or with perfect lens but at ISO 800 upwards (give or take).

How did you arrive to this conclusion? You don't need a perfect lens (which still does not exist) to take benefit of the higher resolution of the sensor. The improvement can be seen with ANY lens, as long as you have not reached the maximum resolution of the lens. It is really basic, isn't it? In any case, most lenses (at least my lenses) outresolve the D800. It is an Internet hoax that you need new lenses with the D800.

Not really sure how you come to that conclusion.

Did you really think you got 36mp resolution at every iso and with any lens?

Of course you get 36MP at EVERY ISO. Every single pixel is used at ANY ISO, so if your camera has 36MP then all of those are there even at ISO6400.

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