WTH? Ricoh GR vs NEX 6 with Sigma 19 vs D800E (link to another thread)

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Re: WTH? Ricoh GR vs NEX 6 with Sigma 19 vs D800E (link to another thread)

nico1974 wrote:

I am the OP at the Richoh forum. As has been said already my test is very unscientific but the sharpness of the Ricoh really stands out.

Click on the link below for a comparison at @f5.6 which I was hoping would improve things being the optimum aperture but it looks like it does not do much for the Sigma 19mm unfortunately -


Far more scientific tests from photozone.de unfortunately confirm the corner performance weakness too - just never realised how bad it was


Their testing isn't very interesting, because they apparently report extinction resolution (or maybe MTF-10), while the real perception of sharpness is reported on MTF-50. As a result all their test numbers look too optimistic. The lens is actually of the soft side at f/2.8, especially in the corners.

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