Sigma DP1/DP2/DP3 Merrill flare comparison

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Re: Thanks Robert,

Roland Karlsson wrote:

nick_webster wrote:

I did take a couple with the sun just out of frame and without the lens hood and they looked OK so it might just be when there is a bright light source actually in the frame.

Yes, the red spots only appear if there is a bright light within the actual frame.

And ... its not really flare. At least not lens flare.

The mechanism is something like this.

The image of the sun (or a bright street light) is focussed on the sensor. The sensor consists of a grid of pixels, including metal connections and also micro lenses, parts that are highly reflective.

The image of this grid is reflected back to the lens. And in the lens its reflected back to the sensor.

What's surprising is that the grid image is so large. We have tried to explain that, but ... not really with 100% success.

Uncoated micro lenses or IR filter?

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