My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

RudivanS wrote:

Not help a bit? It is about speed, accuracy and dependability. Not size, weight and cost effectiveness.

I have 1Dmk3 also, it is less accurate in AF, it has less resolution, it is faster in contionuous AF and faster on 1 fps, but it's much heavier. 9fps of OMD more than enough for wedding, I export from RAW in LR 20 megapixel jpegs without quality loss, everybody happy.

If for some clients equipment is more important than what they see on photos then the photos of this photographer are not so good to make a choice for them. I cannot tell that I accept all the couples to shoot also, it is normal:-)

And also I want to paste my answer from another thread here:

"Do you ask when you come to the restaurant how and on what pan does their cook making a meat for you? Or do you ask what scalpel does surgeon use? Couples choose wedding photographer when they see his photos or when their friends recommend them, I never heard questions on what camera do I shoot @ first talk, usually people ask about that after we sign an agreement and only if they are interested in photography. That was never a criteria.

I tend to think that in wedding photography equipment is secondary thing, the main thing is how you work with people. I switching from FF to m4/3 because it's lighter and because I can produce same or better quality with m4/3. It's just a tool.

Many, many thousands if not millions photographers has D4, 1Dx and other top equipment but theres only one Yervant, one Joe Bussink, one Jerry Ghionis:-D"

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