WTH? Ricoh GR vs NEX 6 with Sigma 19 vs D800E (link to another thread)

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Re: WTH? Ricoh GR vs NEX 6 with Sigma 19 vs D800E (link to another thread)

The Sigma 30mm is the very sharp one, the 19mm is decent but not on par with the 30mm, if that helps. I picked up an Olympus Zuiko 24mm lens for my NEX7 and it's sharper than my Sigma 19mm. I'm pretty sure the Sony 20mm prime is sharper than the Sigma 19mm, that would have been a more fair comparison.

The Sigma 19mm is a $99 lens, it's a fantastic value. It's not sharp enough to push the NEX6 to its limits in the corners, let alone the NEX7 with half again as much detail in the same size sensor.

Also - the Ricoh has no low-pass filter, so it's going to beat the NEX6 at the sensor, even with equivalent lenses, which were not used for this test. Similarly, any 16mp Fuji with an x-trans sensor will beat any NEX with a 16mp sensor on sharpness at the sensor, again because of no low-pass filter.

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