Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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A few thoughts

These are my instant thoughts, not based on any special data or inside information.

1. The E-M6 had better be also a tough and reliable model.  We may have to use it for many many years!  

2. Sony should know Olympic's situation very well and Sony has still invested in it and become a "partner" in business and in mutually beneficial development work.  Why would it bother if it knew Olympus is not going to make it?

3. Olympus should know Olympus' situation even better, but has been churning out high-end or in fact the best products like the 75mm, the 60mm macro, E-P5, VF-4, ...   Are these merely part of a "Hail Mary" strike?  I think not, since Olympus instruments division is still making money and it is not life and death as yet for Olympus (or its management which has always been proud of, has their hearts in and deeply involved in its cameras) to pour resources as if it is last gasp action.

4.  Worst comes to the worst?  I don't Olympus will just disappear.  Even highly crippled Pentax didn't.  A Sonympics or something in the worst case is not entirely bad, if Sony had learnt its lesson from what happened with its camera venture since acquiring Minolta (getting nowhere really after all these years in spite of huge efforts) and would let Olympus continue what it can do best in designing cameras and lenses.  It might even lead to really exciting opportunities and real breakthroughs.

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