Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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Re: No, it is not o.k.

Tony Sx wrote

Or I guess another question might be, would you be angry if you found out someone used a picture you had taken for a school project?

Yes I would unless you or your first-grader were to acknowledge the source. And please don't think that there's an age limit on theft. It's no good saying he's only 6. What are you going to do when he's 7? Or 8..... It's very simple, if you find an image on the web that you want to use, use it unless there is some statement forbidding reproduction. But when you use it, it's only correct, polite and reasonable to state who's image it is!

Yes, life is cruel.  Just try to get over it.  I photograph cargo ships and download to an International AIS shipping site.  The crew or Captain undoubtedly downloads copies for their own use.  That's fair. The site explicitly requires permission to use any image for commercial purpose.  Well I can't stop even that.  If it's out there on the WWW it's going to be used and even abused.  I just can't lose any sleep over it.   I may even be flattered that it was good enough to put to a good use. Obviously I don't make a living shooting ships.

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