Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

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It doesn't sound like the Canon 6D is the camera for you...

Hi Carol,

Out of curiosity, what made you purchase a Full Frame Canon camera instead of a Sony? It sounds like you really like the features of your Sony a57, specifically the Electronic Viewfinder. What motivated you to purchase the Canon 6D that does not have an electronic viewfinder? Don't you have an investment in Sony lens and accessories?

Nano princess wrote:

These were all taken with my sony....I shoot in manual with this as I see the changes I am making right through viewfinder.

Did it.. not sure I should of.  I am coming from the sony slt a57.  Does the cannon 6d have these features and I cant figure it out or what?

Peaking when I am manually focusing. So I can see whats coming into focus? my eyesight isn't the greatest

Short answer, no. Long answer - Magic Lantern. The majority of the time Canon users aren't manual focusing. When looking through the optical viewfinder, the vast majority of us are selecting an autofocus point. Modern autofocus is accurate. For precise manual focus, zooming the live view display on the rear screen is the way to go.

Cant see the changes in the viewfinder as I am changing settings.  When I use my sony slt a57 while changing settings..... it changes what I see through the viewfinder.  I love this.  Because I need this.. LOL

Within the optical viewfinder, the line on the bottom indicates ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc. What's missing? These update as you change a setting. You can press the "Q" button on the rear of the camera to have a nice overview of current setting on the rear screen.

Again, it sounds like you want an electronic viewfinder, but this is not a feature of any of the Canon DSLRs.

With the Canon 6D you can use an Android or iOS device with the 6D wireless feature to have an electronic view with settings overlaying the image.

You can use the "Depth of Field" preview button on the front of the camera to see the impact of you aperture selection.

Is their a place or special video to watch on setting up this camera.  I cant find the dag on how to change around the focus points as well which is the button for just changing exposure.  LOL

If you Google "Canon 6D tutorial youtube" there's lots to look at.

Here's the Canon tutorials for the 6D model:

If I place on program I want to control iso and just the exposure.  Maybe I am so use to my sony, change is difficult for me.  LOL

There's the ISO button on the top of the camera?

Thank you,


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