Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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About the last paragraph...

...Yes, Sony will always sell sensors to those who want them, regardless of competition. Just like Samsung sells components to the hated Apple, etc. Selling sensors is probably safer and has more return and a future than continuing to support a money-losing, or stagnate camera division (not just the consumer compacts). I think that the mere fact that Oly even has Sony sensors in their cameras demonstrates this.

Not sure Olympus would sell out to Sony unless they run into some huge problem, and their medical imaging, their primary focus, seems to be okay, which is why Sony is trying to set up that joint venture with them. Of course, if they decide to dump the camera division (probably likely at some point, if not now) Sony might get it if the price is right, or they might avoid it as just adding another unit of questionable future and investment opportunities...their dSLR division certainly hasn't done much, so they may want to use their money elsewhere. I don't see many stockholders wishing to add even more consumer and advanced amateur camera operations.

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