Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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Re: He's ignoring the growth of CSC cameras.


There are some risks there, but I think Olympus will continue on in that market.

One risk is that CSC growth may have peaked.  It does seem to have stalled some in the US, but I think that's temporary, and I think there is a real benefit there to these cameras for a large segment of the enthusiast market, and that demand will continue as word of mouth spreads about their advantages, and new models come out.

Another risk is that Canon is somewhat a sleeping giant.  They haven't advanced in sensor technology much lately, but when it looks like Canon is falling behind in sensor tech, that's something like those times where it looks like Intel is falling behind AMD in in CPU performance.  They may just be waiting for the overall market to strengthen before bringing out the next generation.

A third risk is that Olympus seems to be now somewhat dependent on Sony, their top competitor right now (aside from mFT partner Panasonic) in the CSC market.  Sony may be in the stronger position here, but the question is how they would want to play that.  Right now, the MFT system is in a strong enough position that I would think it will be more profitable for Sony to continue to support it.  Trying to kill it now wouldn't necessarily help NEX.  But I wouldn't rule out the possibility though of Sony acquiring Olympus's digital camera division at some point.

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