Just returned my 80-400mm VR AF-S lens

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Re: What really is sickening is this logic.

wireless wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Yes it is abhorrent, and yes the 80-400VR is far sharper than any lens at all with a t.c.  behind it.

Yes, but the thing is he didn't find that to be the case.  It surely should have been but...

I think his experience makes a good point about lenses.  Primes vs. good zooms vs. kit long zooms show a clear difference in a many situations and expecting otherwise is wishful thinking.  I've used and own f2.8 Nikon zooms and a prime and have used kit lenses.  There's a clear step up in quality for each level.

Those expensive f2.8 zooms that people rave about including me don't measure up to the primes nor do the kit lenses measure up the good zooms.  They just don't and don't expect them too.  You don't get something for nothing and 80-400 is not going to match the 70-200 IQ.  With the TC I would think they would be roughly equal.

As convenient as the zooms are I fairly often think about going back to primes.  This is not say the composition and using what you have won't yield great photos.  I recently won best in show in an amateur photography contest with a photo taken with the 24-70.  But I can clearly see that something more special, that snap, that comes with taking photos with my 50mm 1.8g.

I don't see anything wrong with returning it; it didn't live up to expectations.  It's a contract between the retailer and its customers.  They have a choice to offer that option or not.  And I bet the policy sells a lot more equipment that is costs them in returns.  It also allows and creates an alternate market for barely used/refurbs that also sells a lot of equipment even if at lower margins.

Anyone know if the "refurb" D800s have dropped below $2K yet?  L)

regards, David

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The 80-400VR at f 6.7 or smaller is as good as any of the 400, 500 or 600 primes on a D800e, except for aperture and longer focal length.  It's a great lens.

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