Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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Don't think that this was the "American press."

Just some press-wannabe, a website rehashing opinions originating elsewhere. Those comments about Olympus have been seen on various industry-related sites, including this one, and also repeat what Oly themselves have been saying and writing recently. I think I remember that the (real) WSJ reported similar information on the camera division when the latest financials came out - I know, because I have a subscription to the paper and Olympus is one of my flagged companies to watch.

The mere fact that the link in the original link was to Yahoo should have ended the thread right there.

As for the American press being focussed on America, well, all newspapers can be guilty of that; it's how they get their local advertisers, etc. However, I work in China and travel to both Koreas and the UK, and I really haven't found better sources of information (political, historical, and economic) on this part of the world than the WSJ and the New York Times. The weekend WSJ always has the best reviews of the latest books on international topics. The British papers used to try to keep up, but they don't have the support/infrastructure here.The Journal is especially good - they seem to know what's going on in the Chinese government before anyone else, and have sections just devoted to each country ("Korea Real Time," for example) and both that paper and the NYT were in the forefront in reporting on the Bo Xilai scandal, the latest North Korea hiccup, etc., as well as how Apple handles Honhai (Foxcomm), Chinese auto industry, etc. The 12 page article on the finances of Wen Jiabao last December (in English and Chinese versions) got the NYT blocked in China, which it still is. Anyone wanting to read it must have a VPN, which many have for other reasons as well.

I dwelled above on Asia coverage, because I can judge it better, but I think that they make efforts to do equally well in all regions.

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