Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

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Re: Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

Nano princess wrote:

Constructive critism is awesome. But some are just haters. I see it here all the time. Why buy first. You should have researchd first etc. We all have our opinionsn. No doubt through replies its easy to see who helps and who just doesnt really care unless they feel your on their level. Etc. Hint why my first reply was to thank those who choose to help rather its through constructive cristism or not. Love that. But I doubt I really need to explain further on here. Second. I cant spell worth shait and dont really care what one thinks about that. I also type way to fast on a keyboard my thumb is way to big for. Lol. I love all the help. Yes I edit crazy loud sometimes. Cause Iam learning. I charge almost nothing for what I do and my client buy. Some of you are right this camera may be too much for me. Guess I will leave cannon and head to Sony a99. Just thought cannon might have been good for me. Thanks anyways all. Will pray over what I should do and then go from there.

Call me a hater if you want, but you seem like a person who created a fake account and you're having a bit of fun.

I came from Sony to the 6D. For the stuff you want, you'd be much, MUCH better off with a Sony A99. I wanted to go that route as well and get the articulating screen, etc., but I didn't want to lose a little bit of light, which is why I wanted FF . . . so the 6D for me. I am getting used to it. I may try Magic Lantern for focus peaking because once you've used focus peaking on a Sony, it's very hard to go back to using a camera without it. That's been the hardest adjustment for me (that and not having a touch screen to choose where I want to focus on the fly). It does seem weird to pay more money to lose features, but some of the features you want are just better on the Sony. The Live View on the 6D feels generations behind and I no longer use it. However, the center focusing point (which is all I use) is a class leader in low light. But I did this research before I purchased and that's about what any person with common sense tends to do. So yeah, I suspect I am a bit of a hater in your book, but you don't seem real to me either.

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