Just returned my 80-400mm VR AF-S lens

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Re: What really is sickening is this logic.

Photo Pete wrote:

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fPrime wrote:

Dear B&H, Adorama, Amazon et all. Please ignore this diatribe. Be apprised that I and many hundreds of thousands of other internet customers will never purchase merchandise at $1000+ that we can't look at and test first. You are in the mail order and Internet sales business so you surely understand the logistics of providing a brick and mortar-type experience from a remote location.

With me, same goes for clothing, cars, other electronics, well heck, even food. If I try a new cereal and it tastes like cr@p to me, it's going back for full refund. I'm not going to be General Mills' field guinea pig and pay to be one. You have enough suckers buying products sight unseen to make a handsome profit but I won't be one of those suckers.

But the lens was fine.

It was fine but did not live to expectations, which are to offer a clear advantage over the 70-200 + tc combo.

Must have been unreasonably high expectations. IMO and experience this lens is clearly better than the 70-200 +TC combo!

Nothing wrong with returning to an internet supplier though. Internet only stores undercut the prices of bricks and mortar stores because they don't have the physical facility or staff to allow people to handle or try out what they are going to buy before placing the order. The cost of returns is offset against this.

Personally I always buy from and support my local camera store because of the service they provide. I would far sooner see people who buy off the internet using the internet seller's returns policy rather than have them abuse their local store by trying out lenses there first. The concept of 'try in your local store then buy cheap elsewhere on the internet' is something that really is abhorrent.
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Photo Pete

Yes it is abhorrent, and yes the 80-400VR is far sharper than any lens at all with a t.c.  behind it.

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