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nfpotter wrote:

cmvsm wrote:

BirgerH wrote:

I guess, thats why, it's hard to the cam manufactory's making a camera, satisfying every one.

To me:

LiveView is of no interest - I would live glad without, did with the D80 - can't remember one single shot using it.

That goes for video too - didn't have it, I wouldn't care. Having it, I still don't care.

Electronical ViewFinder - no thanks, - wan't to see with my eyes, not translated view to pixels - thats why I have SLR's.

So to me:

The brigth VF on D90 and D7000 is essentiel.

So is the ability to operate AF-D lenses. Thats what I have left from the days of filmcameras, and the reason, that I updated from my first digital, the D60.

Now, after using D90 and D7000 I couldn't go without the two dials and the one touch button settings either.

We are not eqal, with equal needs. The cameras aren't equal either, and everyone must find their own likes and needs, so must the OP. Just that I think, Nikon has cameras to every's needs.


The D5200 does not have an electronic viewfinder, it is optical, just like the D90. Difference is that the D5200 uses a pentamirror vs. the D90's pentaprism. I don't know of any Nikon DSLR that implements an EVF outside of Live View.

You should understand the gear before sharing opinions. Especially when you haven't owned the camera that you are speaking about.

+1.  As well, the reason you can't remember taking one single shot with Live View on the D80 is because it doesn't have Live View.

Sorry, I messed it up. I have the D90 and D7000 and have never shot LV.

I had the D80 and never missed LV.

And the part of EVF was me misunderstandinng last sentence of "cmvsm" talking about mirrorless cameras.

Sorry for the confusion - must have been tired.


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