Does HS50 live preview have exposure simulation?

Started May 26, 2013 | Questions thread
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Major Tom ...

Major Tom wrote:

I remember the HS10's live preview being the more basic type which meant when, say, set to M or S mode with less than optimal settings, it wouldn't reflect the final exposure outcome. In other words, images would look OK on the LCD with the shutter button half-pressed but would end up under- or over exposed after being taken.

Is that still the case with HS50? Or does it now use exposure simulation a.k.a. exposure priority display?

... I had the HS10 and now have the HS30 EXR and the HS50 EXR. As far as I can tell the LCD/EVF still work in the same manner as the HS10. I just tried it to be sure.

for reference:

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Cheers, Dave

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