Zeiss 50mm 1,4 compared to Canon 50mm 1,4

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Re: what a shocker ...

Zeiss is hazy at 1.4 (i like this) and is really blurred in the sides till f4. By f5.6 its amazing (with some field curvature)

Zeiss 50mm is an amazing lens. I was about to sell it until i understood its values, no its my fav normal lens:

For me Zeiss 50mm is a 3 in 1 package:

So, u can use zeiss at

A. f1,4 for dreammy hazy look. Perfect e.g.for portraits and objects.

B. From f2 to f4 for portraits and other applications, taking into consideration to avoid to place the point of attention much away from the center, if you want clear focus. Blurry sides means you get more "defocus" feel than what the best clinical lens could give you, and its a plus at specific applications.

C. From f5.6 its amazingly sharp and contrasty with great brilliance.

Keep in mind that zeiss is not corrected for close disctance. Performs better e.g. from 10m to invinity. 1m is for sure not a distance zeiss is sharp.

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