Leica entering m4/3?

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Re: Hey, this is .......

tedolf wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

tedolf wrote:

walkaround wrote:

tedolf wrote:

You have an unhealthy fixation on gear.

... says Tedolf, with 15000 posts to his name, in a gear forum. Talk about projection!

my gear:


I'm not quite sure what thta is meant to demonstrate tbh.

That I am not addicte to having the latest and greatest gear.

I have about that amount of gear (although alot in the way of flashes etc). Does that mean that your previous statement was wrong and I don't actually care to much about gear?

Actually at this point I am lost.

I was responding to someone else (Walkaround) with my gear photo's.


I was merely mentioning that you said I was too obsessed with gear earlier in the thread.

Did I say that?


You did.

Well if you are just looking for a G6 with a red dot on it and are willing to pay a premium for the same I would say that you are.

I'm not (willing to pay a premium for a G6 with a red dot that is)

Seeing as I have no more gear than you does that mean that infact I'm not too obsessed with gear?

My point was not about the amount of gear (I also have three native u 4/3 lenses) but that most of that stuff in the photo was purchased very inexpensively.

That was the point......

that I am not enamoured by new/expensive gear.

I imagine however that you have probably put more time and effort into discovering, finding and buying that gear than people who simply go and order new native lenses.

Or does more time looking for gear =/= more obsessed with gear?

Two of my lenses in that photo have red dots on them, but I got them becuse they are great lenses and the price was right irrespective of the color of the dots.

See, I put my own blue dots on my u 4/3 lenses:

so I really don't care what color the dots are.


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