Leica entering m4/3?

Started May 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
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More Leica glass, please?

So far, we have two: the PL25 1.4, and PL45M.

I have, and still use quite a bit, my 4/3 PL25, a superb, almost magical lens when used to it's strengths: portrait style shots in limited light. This isn't quite Leica M, but shots from it have elements of 'the Leica look'. I still think Leica glass is horribly priced, but at least I see why it's horribly priced now. There is something in the images their glass produces. Maybe pixie dust. But, it's definitely there.

I can only pray that Leica will participate in a few more M43 designs. They did so well with the PL 14-150, the only superzoom ever made that actually lived up to the promise.

As for a Leica M43 body... why bother? It would just be a GX2 with a red dot and a substantially higher price tag. The Digilux 3 was just a Panny L10 with a metallic body. Leica is already using the Oly EVF on it's compact cameras... at a substantially higher price.

Can't say that's worth paying a lot extra for, but their glass? That's worth paying extra for.

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