Leica entering m4/3?

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Re: Hey, this is .......

tedolf wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

tedolf wrote:

walkaround wrote:

tedolf wrote:

You have an unhealthy fixation on gear.

... says Tedolf, with 15000 posts to his name, in a gear forum. Talk about projection!

my gear:


I'm not quite sure what thta is meant to demonstrate tbh.

That I am not addicte to having the latest and greatest gear.

I have about that amount of gear (although alot in the way of flashes etc). Does that mean that your previous statement was wrong and I don't actually care to much about gear?

Actually at this point I am lost.

I was responding to someone else (Walkaround) with my gear photo's.


I was merely mentioning that you said I was too obsessed with gear earlier in the thread. Seeing as I have no more gear than you does that mean that infact I'm not too obsessed with gear?

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