Does small registration distance is to blame for corner IQ?

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Re: m43 (nearly) equivalent to EF mount

Thank you for the answers! I had the impression that short registration distance could be a native problem for m43, a format i used to own but abandoned some yrs ago for other reasons, but i am thinking of joining again.

Regarding the CV 25mm, corners are really smeared from what i have read and from what i saw on lenstip. But this lens is a a breakthrough for m43.

I am only interested in MF lenses and i was puzzled a bit from CV 25 regarding corner sharpness and 17.5mm about the size/weight. On a body like GH3 they should be very fine. I wish CV launches 14mm f1.4-0.95 and i would be very tempted from the format. If only the focus throw was a bit longer so that on 25mm you had smthg like 10m and 5m marks, and on 17.5 you had 5m and 3m. I wonder why CV didnt match the markings on the lens to the FF lenses (ZF and M mount). Since they have f0.95 i cannot see any reason why they limit the markings at 2 and 1m accordingly. Ok they focus closer, but loosing these markings is a more important miss for the MF shooter.

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