Correction: NOT WSJ but Yahoo Finance: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

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Re: WSJ: Olympus one of 10 brands to disappear in 2014

dpreviewreader wrote:

"Except for market leaders like Canon, Sony and Nikon, no one wants to be in the digital camera business anymore."

No. 6 on the list.

Interesting stuff. Still, not too worried, I've got no shares in the company.

It'd be a shame if this 'prediction' is correct, of course, but at least we should be able to get the latest bodies at clearout prices; I've got most of the lenses I need, (not all I'd like though), so a couple of cheap bodies added to the four I already have should last me a while.

And of course still having Panny, and who knows, someone else may join m4/3, so all won't be lost.

I just get the impression that the Oly management couldn't run a bath, let alone a large optics company, speaking only for the camera/lens division.

I'm sure that a few sir John Harvey-Jones types will pipe-up and have some great sage-like advice for the Olympus board.

Nil carborundum illegitimi.

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