My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

This last one with the bride in the air would have come out better if a better angle was used.  The distracting automobiles at the bottom.   At least with FF  if you had to shoot from this angle you could have blurred the background out better for less distraction

Come on now... not by that much. Plus, show this picure to the bride and the LAST thing she sees is the stupid cars lol In any case, he can PP those out super easily.

lol and I thought the Nikon gear forum was full of fanboys. I think what's happening here is Canikon wedding photogs are terrified that another brand might actually do well in their wheelhouse.

Not to worry guys, he's in Russia, so he's no threat to you lol

Again to the OP, great series. I also prefer the colored versions, but the sepia pictures did draw me in and had me wanting to see more. Congrats, or like we sometimes say, chapeau.

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