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I agree with nearly all of what you have said there and the 24 PC-E is an astonishing lens. I have read much criticism of it and its crazy focal erm...I hesitate to call it a "plane" as it can be very three dimensional... function, but it can really work to your advantage and in my experience, it imparts an astounding realism to its images, which draw you in and really engage the eye. Sharpness wise, (and I hardly dare say this ) it is far sharper than the 24/1.4, but there's far more to it than sharpness.

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He has a good kit, nothing wrong with an excellant built manual lens.  I have the 21, 28 and 35 and love them for quality optics and easy to carry around.   Some of my best images are taken with Zeiss lenses.  By the way excellant images, shows real talent and good equipment, sometimes they go together.


As much as I know the OP was just playing around to stir the pot, I don't think Zeiss brand lenses are really any better optically than the better Nikkor prime lenses and sometimes worse. That said, I wish Cosina made them in autofocus. I really do. As my eyes get older, I have a harder time coping with manual focus. My experience with Zeiss is limited mostly to rangefinder cameras, and I can focus them fairly well. I just wish Cosina would make the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder in Digital too. I'd love there to be a quality Leica competitor. That would be wonderful. I'd even buy another Voigtlander Bessa if it were digital.

Both the Voigtlander Bessa and Zeiss Ikon rangefinder cameras are made by Cosina and in film only. Both use Leica's bayonet M mount. I think you can still get them in Leica screw mount as well. The Zeiss Ikon has a little more accurate rangefinder because it's wider and a little better build quality just like the Voigtlander and Zeiss labeled lenses.

I may one day buy the Zeiss 21 in Nikon mount because I really like it and I think I don't need AF with all that depth of field. Hopefully I think it would make a nice landscape lens, but then so would a Nikkor 24 f/3.5 PCE and it's about the same price.

Have a great weekend.


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