Seeking ways of tracking birds in flight with 500mm lens

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Re: monopod?

The few times I have tried to take pictures of moving animals have taught me it really isn't as easy as it might look.

If you are really accustomed to using a tripod and try a monopod, don't let yourself be distracted by someone calling for you or whatever and respond without thinking.  Wouldn't do to walk away from the monopod.

The bushmaster has a gun stock.  Your proposal was something to rest on top of your shoulder.  If you will make something, why not combine the two.  Something you can snug back against your shoulder and rest on top.  I thought I had an original idea, but now I remember bazooka and other weapons like that.

The expanded area focus point set-up of the newer K5 camera is interesting.  I wasn't aware of that.

I finally had to read the thread.  Every time I saw it pop to the top, 'seeking' made me thinking of 'hunting' (colloquially, I will hunt for something rather than seek) and that made me think of failure to lock focus.  I am glad I checked it out.  Learned something about the new K5, there are some pretty nice pictures, and etc.

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