How does the Nikon AW100 use the A-GPS file to help determine position faster?

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Re: How does the Nikon AW100 use the A-GPS file to help determine position faster?

and why not calculate the satelites position based on date and time - they still follow Keplers laws?

and here what i posted in an other thread - does someone have the same exprience?


because i recommended this camera to many of my friends i feel i should also share some negatives.

i was wondering why sometimes the GPS does not lock on at all and other times it locks within seconds.

at least with my camera i can stand behind the following finding:

GPS works great with fully charged battery but basically never locks on with only 1 battery indicator visible. I do have my own experimental evidence for that.

i think the nikon engineers could have done better in 2 ways.

1. have the battery indicator indicating more meaningful battery levels (guys learn from Sony, they do a much better job since more than 10 years)

2. make the GPS less sensitive to the battery charging level - in fact it is ridiculous to have a problem like that one

said all this, with the sudden battery death syndrom one needs to have a second battery ready anyway.

still a nice camera with the worldwide high resolution maps - i was recently in germany and japan and it had all the streets to most useful details - ha, why not adding street names also?


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