My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

Canadianguy wrote:

Very interesting discussion and shows the differences of how wedding photography has changed over the years which I think has been partially gear driven.

These are wonderfully images and reminds of photos from back in the day - very old school.

High end wedding photography used to be done in medium format. So most of the photos were all posed shots - everything was planned and composed by the photographer, very little of this photo-journalistic style that is popular today.

As the 35mm cameras and film started to get better - people started using it for weddings, it opened up the market to more photographers who didn't necessary have the posing or compositional skills of the old style photographers. I think you also had newspaper photographers coming into the market and using their experience in capturing moments instead of creating moments - the 35mm cameras helped greatly in this.

Fast forward to the digital age and everything is automated (AF focus, Auto-metering, etc) and 10x faster with almost unlimited memory storage - shoot shoot shoot - shoot 5000 images and delivery 300 - something will work.

Nice to see that m4/3 is forcing people to slow down once again and shoot old school.

a Micro Four Thirds or Four Thirds wedding shooter wouldn't likely shoot 5,00 shots and deliver 300 images, they would shot about 450 and deliver the 300 images and about 3 times quicker to their clients than a DSLR Full Framer
living life to the Four Thirds!

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